Abstract Paintings



floating shapes with irregular bended lines on mottled, colorful water surface like enamel background
Blue, light pink, white tones flowers, leaves, plants and branches like floating shapes with irregular bended lines on mottled, colorful water surface like enamel background in blue, green and white tones shades and nuances.

The paintings you find in this section may have multiple intrepretations according to the viewer’s perspective and experience of life, so that the viewer becomes himself/herself the artist. They may be either hanged vertically or horizontally in accordance with the watcher’s point of view.
Most of these abstract artworks are realized with oil painting on a base of enamel poured or dripped and smeared on canvas with a knife modified by atmospheric agents, with pieces of clotted enamel or materials of the nature.

  1. Corals
  2. Contrasts in the Blue
  3. Fairy
  4. Movements of Infinite
  5. Lilac Yellow Flowers Impression
  6. Sea Cave
  7. Abyss
  8. Electrical Discharges
  9. Fruit at the beach
  10. Cosmos, Space Sensation
  11. Night Blossom
  12. Petals on Water
  13. Light Blue Flames
  14. Sea Horses
  15. Rose Garden
  16. Abstract Opposites
  17. Abstract Spring Awakening
  18. Blue Vision
  19. Abstract Futuristic Living Room
  20. Abstract Blue Lily
  21. Blue Mood Sensation
  22. Abstract Orient Impressions
  23. Abstract Herons
  24. Abstract Tiepid Fall
  25. Abstract Octopus
  26. Abstract Black Hole
  27. Soft Tones Feeling of Creation
  28. Abstract Shapes in Developement
  29. Reddish Pink Flowers Emotion
  30. Abstract Musicians Sensation
  31. Abstract Ash and Ember  Intuition
  32. Abstract Copper Threads
  33. Romantic Pink in Petals Abstraction
  34. Underwater Abstraction
  35. Water Surface Abstraction
  36. Ongoing red
  37. Confluence Shapes Impression
  38. Floating Round Shapes
  39. View From Above Abstraction
  40. Abstract Colored Swan
  41. Red and Blue Tones Curved Shapes
  42. The Eye Abstraction
  43. Human Blossom Abstraction
  44. Abstract Peach and Blue Sensation
  45. Abstract Stormy Green
  46. Human Tree Abstraction
  47. Thoughts Abstraction
  48. Azure Confluence Abstraction
  49. Abstract Floating Blue and Red Shapes
  50. Under Construction Abstraction
  51. Abstract Red Tones Curved Shapes
  52. Curved Colored Shapes Abstract
  53. Abstract Colored Shapes on Blue