If You Want to Be an Artist…


Following the student art show this weekend, I’ve been thinking a lot about art education and how we learn this marvelous thing we call art. My thoughts quickly went back to a recent conversation with a former schoolmate. But before I get to that, let me digress a bit and share a few thoughts about my personal journey toward becoming an artist.

I often lament the fact that I am self-taught.  The pastel portrait workshop I attended and the lessons I’ve followed on The Virtual Instructor website are the closest I’ve come to having any actual art instruction. I do think of myself as an art student, but one who is completely home-schooled without benefit of any formal standards. I create my curriculum based both upon my needs and my desires in art. I do a lot of what I love, and then for good measure, I…

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Blue vision abstract image with sea/sky vortex like figure in dark blue, white, creamy white tones with nuance

The Knowledge of Good

blue vision
Blue vision abstract image with sea/sky vortex like figure in dark blue, white, creamy white tones with nuances.

Look at the trees, to grow up they must look at the sky, they search for the light…

I believe that it works the same way with humans.  We will never grow up if we keep on looking down on earth and on earthly things.

I think that the knowledge of what is good for us doesn’t come from humans but from above…

I think that some humans, not because of their merits and independently from religion, race, sex, ecc. are vehicles of infinitesimal parts of that knowledge.


Painting Blue and red floating abstract shapes on white background with pink and blue shades

Beauty all around and inside of us

The glaring deep blue of the sky in springtime, the smell of the wet earth just after a pouring rain, the singing of the birds waking you up in the morning, the spreading fragrance of a jasmine flower, the many sounds of  moving water and the timeless breaking of the innocent and playful and yet faithful sea waves…

There is a beauty all around and inside of us that, as with clouds, can be sometimes oscured by the suffering caused by the meanness and wickedness of human nature, by the unnatural and stressing lifestyle that humans impose on humans…

“…men has dominated man to his own injury…” (Ecclesiastes 8:9)

But sooner or later, the clouds must go away, and beauty will find its way out…

Art is letting the glimpses of beauty,  which come from the inside or lie  underneath the true and beautiful  things of creation, vibrate inside and then letting it flow freely and without mind through your hand so to  translate it into a visible form…

Painting Blue and red floating abstract shapes on white background with pink and blue shades
Abstract Paintings, Conceptual Symbolic Paintings, Figurative Paintings, miniature paintings, pieces painting project, PP Art, thoughts

My Artistic Production by Barbara Stamegna

Thank you for your visit! On my website you can find my paintings and artworks grouped in six main sections:  Abstract Paintings, Conceptual Symbolic Paintings, Miniature  Paintings, P.P. Project and P.P. Art.

In the following lines you will find the detailed description of each section…

ABSTRACT PAINTINGS:  the artworks you find in this section may have multiple intrepretations according to the viewer’s perspective and experience of life, so that the viewer becomes himself/herself the artist. They may be either hanged vertically or horizontally in accordance with the watcher’s point of view.
Most of these artwork are realized with oil painting on a base of enamel poured or dripped and smeared on canvas with a knife modified by atmospheric agents, with pieces of clotted enamel or materials of the nature.

CONCEPTUAL SYMBOLIC PAINTINGS:  in this section the paintings are characterised by the representation of abstract figures with strong color contrasts depicting natural beings, religious archetypes or myths that sometimes draw the viewer’s attention to issues of universal value.  Most of the following paintings are characterised by high constrasted tones and are realised on a base of black enamel background.  Moreover, some of them may be either hanged vertically or horizontally in accordance with the watcher’s point of view.

FIGURATIVE PAINTINGS: in this third section you may find paintings depicting subjects of nature and people through figurative images.  Some of the following figurative paintings, realised with oil painting on canvas, date back to the beginning of my artistic career while others, more recent, are realised using also enamel colors and sometimes materials of the nature.

MINIATURE PAINTINGS: the paintings you find in this collection are made of tempera colors on small size colored cardboards.  They represent abstract impressionistic and figurative modern images with subjects of nature or abstract subjects.  These miniature paintings or miniaturart, are suitable to be located in all kind of big or small interior spaces  and can be easily placed on a table in a frame or hanged on a wall.  Moreover, the materials used made possible the creation of miniature paintings with a different saturation of colors that can easily capture the eyes attention.

P.P. PROJECT:  Pieces Painting Project  consists in creating a painting and then in dividing it and cutting it in several pieces, so that each buyer will own a different part of the artwork.  The aim of my PPP is to connect people, but from an inner point of view, that is, through the creation of a link based on the energetic interaction between those who own a piece of the artwork, who live far away from each other and who probably don’t even know each other.

P.P. ART:  Photography Painting Art is the result of a process of manipulation of photos of paintings and digital art photographs. Through the fusion of these two different art products, a brand new artwork is born. The outcome is an impressive artwork where both the fused visual arts create a new more stunning image where colors and shapes are mixed in an innovative and unique  way.  The resulting abstract images  are made of fluid floating shapes and straight or bended lines, of circles and concentric shapes, of vivid lights and shadows, of allusions to human faces or figures and they are made of bright an soft tones of colors and shades,  giving the watcher many suggestions for her/his imagination and creativity.