Blue and red floating abstract shapes
Abstract Paintings, Conceptual Symbolic Paintings, Figurative Paintings

My Artistic Production

Thank you for your visit! On my website you can find my paintings grouped in three main sections:  Abstract Paintings, Conceptual Symbolic Paintings and Figurative Paintings.

In the following lines you will find the detailed description of each section…

ABSTRACT PAINTINGS:  the artworks you find in this section may have multiple intrepretations according to the viewer’s perspective and experience of life, so that the viewer becomes himself/herself the artist. They may be either hanged vertically or horizontally in accordance with the watcher’s point of view.
Most of these artwork are realized with oil painting on a base of enamel poured or dripped and smeared on canvas with a knife modified by atmospheric agents, with pieces of clotted enamel or materials of the nature.

CONCEPTUAL SYMBOLIC PAINTINGS:  in this section the paintings are characterised by the representation of abstract figures with strong color contrasts depicting natural beings, religious archetypes or myths that sometimes draw the viewer’s attention to issues of universal value.

Most of the following paintings are characterised by high constrasted tones and are realised on a base of black enamel background.  Moreover, some of them may be either hanged vertically or horizontally in accordance with the watcher’s point of view.

FIGURATIVE PAINTINGS: in this third section you may find paintings depicting subjects of nature and people through figurative images.

Some of the following figurative paintings, realised with oil painting on canvas, date back to the beginning of my artistic career while others, more recent, are realised using also enamel colors and sometimes materials of the nature.


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